Episode 10 - Part 2 (Thanks)

April 22, 2010

In the second part of the final episode of the SHC Athletics podcast, our host Devin Golden offers a thank you to all of his liisteners, WHIL, and all of his interview guests. Then, he offers a farewell and plays the outro music one last time before ending the show for the semester. If you would like to come to the Senior Seminar Presentation, it is in the very bottom floor of Quinlan Hall, below the Gautrelet Room (didn't think there was anything down there? Neither did we), at 12:30 next Wednesday April 28th.


Episode 10 - Part 1 (Athletic Director)

April 20, 2010

In the final episode of the SHC Athletics Podcast, a mega episode is produced for all of the fans and listeners who have joined all semester long. In the first part, Athletic Director Jim Hall joins to discuss the Athletics Department and programs at the school, along with any potential additions or upgrades to facilities, new programs being added, the move to the new conference next year and the goals for the program in the coming years.


Episode 9 - Chat with new Women’s soccer coach

April 8, 2010

In episode 9, Coach Christian DeVries, the new women's soccer coach at Spring Hill College, joins for a chat about the new direction SHC is taking with the soccer pgoram in hiring seperate coaches for the men's and women's teams, the change in attitude around campus for the program, the state of the women's soccer program at Spring Hill College and the state of soccer around colleges and in the United States in general.


Episode #8 - “The Fans”

March 27, 2010

With WHIL's recording studios in use all week long, the Spring Hill College Athletics Podcast finally found the opportunity to go "to the streets"...or the field, to get the opinions of the dedicated SHC fans in the midst of the 4-game baseball series vs. William Carey University at Stan Galle Field. The Badgers baseball team has looked strong all year, and with a change of pace, the Athletics Podcast takes a trip down the right field line with SHC seniors Jim Love and Tim Corbett in a classic episode.


Episode #7: Brad Holstein/Baseball

March 16, 2010

Brad Holstein joins for the seventh episode of the Spring Hill Collehe Athletics Podcast!!! The Junior first baseman and power hitter of the baseball team talks with Devin about the season thus far, the next few weeks against top conference foes, the strong performance by Nick Clapper on Saturday afternoon vs. Mobile, the solid play from the defense, and a Lenten sacrifice made by members of the team.


Episode 6 Highlights

March 12, 2010

The much shorter, highlight version of episode 6 with Tyler Schwab, sophomore guard of the men's basketball team and hero of badger Brawl 2010. Enjoy!


Episode #6 - Tyler Schwab/Men’s Basketball

March 9, 2010

In the 6th episode of the SHC athletics podcast, Tlyer Schwab joins to talk about his last second shot vs. Mobile, the sweet taste of beating the arch-rival in the final seconds, losing the senior class for next season, finishing strong to close this past season, and taking a break.


Episode #5 Highlights

March 2, 2010

For those who prefer a shorter version of the SHC athletics podcast, your dream has come true! Each week, a short and concise highlight version of the episode will be created to give an overview with the important highpoints of each interview.


Episode #5 - Softball Coach

March 2, 2010

In the 5th episode of the SHC athletics podcast, Allison Sellers-Cook joins to discuss the beginning of the season for the SHC softball team, the switch next year to a new conference, the advantage of having a smaller roster, the veteran leadership this year, and any improvements planned for the field in the coming years.

Also, the men's basketball team triumph over rival University of Mobile is discussed along with Tyler Schwab's game-winning shot, and the strong finish heading into the GCAC tournament.


Episode #4 - Marcus Coleman/basketball

February 23, 2010

In the 4th episode of the Spring Hill College athletics podcast, Marcus Coleman joins for a brief interview to talk about his final Badger Brawl week, his closest teammate, breaking the 1,500 point mark, and using momentum to make a run in the GCAC tournament!